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Jumping off to a health and wellness goal takes a lot of commitment.

There are many apps and websites on health and wellness out there. To meet your personal health goals, you probably already have your favorite go-to apps. You may even have bookmarked health and wellness sites you frequently visit.

It’s easy to say, “I’ll start tomorrow,” but most often than not, tomorrow doesn’t come until our body forces us to make a significant change in our lifestyle.  

If there’s one thing we have learned about the pandemic, we should never take advantage of our health, fitness – and everything wellness.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine released a study linking physical inactivity to severe Covid-19 cases after studying 48 440 adult patients who tested positive with the virus. It elaborated that sedentary patients faced more risks of ICU admission, hospitalization, or consequently, even death. 

Indeed, this pandemic has disrupted our daily routines, and it has shaken more people to take action when it comes to their health and wellness.

So, in this blog, we are listing down our top ten favorite other health and wellness sites to visit besides Cognitive Health and Wellness Institute

Health and wellness lifestyle websites you should visit

So, you’ve decided to take the opportunity of working from home and finally make time for exercise and more nutritious meal preparation. 

You are not alone in starting or sustaining a healthier lifestyle. Here are some health and wellness sites (and apps!) that could help you achieve your self-care goal.

1. MyFitnessPal

You’ve made up your mind. Apart from your daily workouts, you’ve decided to track the calories of what you eat to optimize your efforts in getting healthy and fit. If you are the type who needs numbers to reach a goal and monitor your progress, then MyFitnessPal is the website and app for you!

This application is popular among gym-goers and bodybuilding enthusiasts for its expansive community, exercise tracker, and calorie counter. It’s also convenient to use, especially if you want to record your daily meal, for it comes with a food database of over three million that you can access with your phone.

MyFitnessPal is highly customizable. You can edit your diet profile based on your demographics and needs. It is also possible to include your restrictions in case your doctor imposes one on you. It’s an addicting app, and we understand why!

2. Livestrong Health and Wellness

This website is packed with sports-related and fitness research where you can expect how to do different workouts and exercises. The team behind Livestrong consists of high-quality researchers, journalists, and certified personal trainers. For a holistic approach, foodies, health enthusiasts, and fitness fanatics are also in the mix.

The site’s Webby award-winning app, MyPlate, now has over 10 million downloads with 650,000 monthly active users reporting 20 million total pounds lost. Now, that’s extraordinary! 

The MyPlate app helps users track their food and exercise. They can document their habits in physical activities and food intake to make informed decisions about their health. You can use the app with Android or Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

3. Avocadu

If you’re more into yoga and coffee, here’s a health and wellness site that caters to both.

Right off the bat, you’ll find mushroom coffee recipes and concoctions you can incorporate into your daily routine. You can start the day with simple yoga and adjust your coffee intake for a naturally balanced energy.

The blog co-founders share their health journey to visitors of the site, which has 500,000 readers monthly. Avocadu’s 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge helps clients shed weight fast. Many others follow suit and continue to be motivated by the blog testimonials to stick with the program.

Not only do they look and feel better after the challenge, but they also find a community of thousands of women doing the same as each other’s support.

4. Healthline Health and Wellness

Healthline is one of the few wellness sites with 3 apps: MS Buddy, Breast Cancer Healthline, and IBD Healthline.

Every month, millions of people go to this site for tips on having a healthier lifestyle. It’s not surprising because the site has easy-to-understand and informative content. The site also provides research on medication and health conditions.

With physical and mental health discussions of real-life experiences from different people globally, Healthline continues to be objective and reviewed by experts. 

Their commitment is to provide a wellness library and newsletters in apps, podcasts, and communities to help health seekers. Readers find refuge in Healthline to keep inspiring and guiding them in their health journey.

5. Women’s Health

The site started as an offshoot of the physical magazine with the same name and grew followers online. Now, with videos for each topic area, readers can find new content, events, and current health issues and trends.

Women’s Health, an award-winning e-magazine, comes with highly trained journalists and editors with legitimate news experience on nutrition and wellness.

Like its predecessor, fitness and health research is presented in fun and engaging ways across all platforms. Its growing readership, now 36 million strong, visits the site about weight loss, beauty and wellness news, etc.

The site also lists credible health professionals such as dietitians and certified personal trainers to fact-check stories before publishing. 

6. Men’s Health

Men’s Health is the world’s most prominent men’s magazine brand. Both Men’s Health and its sister publication, Women’s Health, have been nominated in National Magazine Awards for many years.

Professional men who are active and look for cutting-edge gear in fitness find the information they need in this magazine. Over time, the brand also includes news and trends in science, nutrition, entertainment, fashion, etc.

It is essentially the go-to place for and about men.

Like Women’s Health, credible researchers and health professionals fact-check the content. Since its inception in 1986, the site has had practical and accessible information for men’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

7. Shape Health and Wellness

Shape magazine’s Twitter bio says it “offers the latest health, fitness, and beauty, and fashion news.” True to this description, the site provides content and articles featuring keto meal plans for beginners, strength training workout, etc.

The website has an easy navigation panel – a sidebar on the left of the page – to quickly go through categories. Besides fitness and healthy eating groups, there are sections for mind and body, lifestyle, video, and shop.

Shape’s Instagram page also adds “celebs” in its description. You can check interviews, celebrity news, and celebrity workouts both from the main website and Instagram.

8. Mayo Clinic

Search anything nutrition or health-related, and Mayo Clinic is often at the top of the list.

Mayo Clinic is a non-profit organization providing medical knowledge, research, care, and clinical practice. Physicians, medical experts, and scientists take time out of their clinical hours to contribute to the site. That said, health information and education in the Mayo Clinic, the hospital, is made accessible to the public.

For the clinic, it is imperative to provide the public access to knowledge on health and wellness. The site is an all-stop-shop source of information about diseases and conditions, drugs, supplements,  tests, etc.

In the same way, visitors of the site can book an appointment, look for doctors and specialists. You can even search for clinical trials, research faculties, and post-doctoral fellowships.

The site is also filled with educational videos, healthy lifestyle tips, tools, and featured recipes. For anyone looking for health and wellness resources, Mayo Clinic is a great place to start.

9. Harvard Health Blog

If you love to read scholarly journals and publications on health and fitness, Harvard Health Publishing from the Harvard Medical School is the website that could help you make more informed decisions and judgments on your wellness.

This website aims to help its readers optimize their health by sharing advice on a wide range of medical preventions and conditions. 

This blog covers a wide range of health and lifestyle-related topics, all of which you can add to your fitness, diet, and wellness plans. You will also find articles on Heart Health, Nutrition, Diseases, Exercise & Fitness, Mind & Mood, and Children’s Health. 

10. WebMD

Concluding our list of health and wellness sites is WebMD. 

WebMD has a collection of articles and videos that generously provide the audience with research that could improve their lives. Among the topics they cover are drugs, supplements, pregnancy, fitness, and health. 

This website has a medical team that works with almost a hundred doctors and health experts nationwide. They handle a wide range of areas of specialization to ensure that the institution only creates and shares credible and authoritative content.

The art of healthy living

Like other health and wellness sites available online, Cognitive Health and Wellness Institute offers comprehensive service, diagnostics, diagnosis, and a team of caring and experts for health and wellness.  

What sets us apart from other sites? We promote better food, a body in motion with the best diagnostics, and continued community support through social interaction. All these are in our commitment for people to live healthy lives.


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