worst places to eat

Think about the worst places to eat, and fast-food restaurants instantly come to mind.

Although they are some of the worst places to dine in, the culprit is in the food they serve. For instance, any place that serves processed foods is suspect to be the last place you should eat.

Fast food restaurants and processed foods aren’t bad per se, but you should focus on maintaining a healthy diet instead. That means you should consider only eating from these places to a minimum. Additionally, it would help if you still exercised regularly to burn those unwanted calories.

There are still many other restaurants that serve healthier options. However, there are also a growing number of the worst places to eat all over the world. (You might not even notice because, let’s face it – they’ve got the most enjoyable meals!)

Disclaimer: This is not to bad-mouth any particular restaurant but only to provide information on the food options that may be unhealthy for you if not taken in moderation.

A list of worst places to eat

It’s easy to fall into temptations and cravings for burgers and fries. Not to mention the mouth-watering fast food advertisements you find everywhere you look – online, billboards, newspapers, magazines, mobile apps, etc.

If you are also a professional constantly on the go, instant food may be the most leisurely meal for you, and you typically find it in fast food chains. 

But, if you ignore the food that you eat, your health may suffer in the long run. Here are some of the worst fast-food restaurants, in the US alone, with not so healthy food choices:

(1) McDonalds

Don’t we all love the chicken nuggets or the Big Mac? Unfortunately, the famous burger packs roughly 250+ calories while a 100g serving of chicken nuggets equals 290+ calories! That’s a lot! 

Sometimes, this fast-food restaurant offers $5 meals with a burger, fries, and big-sized soda. When combined, you’re looking at around 500-700 calories just for one meal!

You surely don’t want that many calories, especially if you’re a sedentary person. You need to be an active person and not stuff up with McDonald’s meals in one day for sure. 

You can go to Nutrition Charts to check how you might say this is one of the worst places to eat. For example, you’ll be surprised to find out how much you’re eating with that Quarter Pounder burger.

(2) Denny’s

Denny’s is an all-American fast food restaurant. They serve big breakfasts, and they also claim to be known for that. That, in itself, can be scary because if you’re not careful, you could be overeating. 

Imagine a Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast which typically has eggs, bacon strips, sausage links, and buttermilk pancakes. That’s a lot of carbohydrates, sodium, fats, and protein combined!

Prices and serving size may vary for different locations and can be based on restaurant promotions, too. However, these big meals shouldn’t be taken by an average adult male, for instance. It’s like you can’t have another meal for the day if you have just one essential meal from Denny’s already.

(3) Domino’s

Americans love pizza! Sadly though, just one slice of pizza usually contains 14-25% of your daily recommended fat intake for the day. Domino’s, in particular, can indulge you with more than just one slice because of their delicious toppings.

Unfortunately, if you overeat pizza, it could increase the risk of obesity or cardiovascular diseases. So, you might want to tone down a bit on eating them. It’s the worst place to eat, especially when you have cravings or feel sad and angry. You tend to eat more than usual when you have mood swings.

(4) Applebees

This fast-food restaurant is everywhere in the US. They truly live to their marketing slogan: “a neighborhood bar and grill.” That said, it can be dangerous when you frequent this place to eat during unhealthy hours. 

Their menu can entice customers to order a lot instead of just getting a few food items here and there. Applebee’s is infamously microwaving a lot of their food before serving them for people dining in. Unfortunately, that means pre-heating food options from their menu before serving them to tables. 

This process can mean losing some of the nutrients you would otherwise have if the food served is freshly cooked.

It’s the worst place to eat if you’re easily attracted to long descriptions on the menu and delicious photos. Not to mention their cocktails, which can cause dehydration and pose health risks, like diabetes, if you consume too much.

(5) KFC

Like most fast-food restaurants, KFC offers meals that have too much sodium. Excessive sodium intake can increase the risk of health conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, and cancer.

It’s not the best place to eat if you give in to cravings, which aptly matches KFC’s popularity for being “the ultimate guilty pleasure.” Their food quality seems to have declined over the years, especially with the “finger-licking” chicken they serve.

Unfortunately, you will only get too much grease in your fingers and unwanted fat in your belly. So, watch yourself when you’re tempted to order for delivery or drive-thru to get fried chicken.

(6) Dairy Queen

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Dairy Queen even offers good DQ Blizzards. Unfortunately, this ice cream isn’t any different from another sugar overload available in the supermarket. Sure, it’s not necessarily “unhealthy,” but it’s less healthy than other food options out there.

DQ claims their soft-serve sundaes aren’t ice cream, technically. Their frozen dairy products have low-fat buttermilk. They also offer a peanut butter malt shake and a half-pound FlameThrower GrillBurger which are both calorie-heavy.

(7) Arby’s

Arby’s is best known for its roast beef sandwich. Regrettably, over the years, the quality of food isn’t the best. There were rumors that they serve only meat paste cooked and formed in the shape of meat. 

Generally, their sandwiches have around 800+ calories, 2000+ mg of sodium, 30+ grams of fat (and a few more saturated fat). The burgers also have a lot of cheese like cheddar and parmesan, plus the sauce! That said, you might want to ask the servers to give you only half the plate. Or share with a friend if you rarely go to this fast-food restaurant.

(8) Burger King

Another big fast-food chain with stores globally, Burger King, is next on this list. Yes, there’s the deadly double whopper with cheese that’s too difficult to say no to. The ice cream shakes are another.

With too much-saturated fat, you would increase your risk for cardiovascular diseases. Plus, the fries! Too much salt can trigger your body to crave even more fatty foods!

(9) Krispy Kreme

Doughnuts and pastries are harmful when consumed too much. Even with just a piece, that’s a lot of sugar with many calories – up to 500! You surely don’t want to eat doughnuts every single day!

Yes, they are delicious, even that basic glazed doughnut which is everyone’s favorite. Like others on this list, eat doughnuts only in moderation. Krispy Kreme will be the worst place to eat if you frequently visit it because you can easily be tempted.

(10) Five Guys

Five Guys’ website previously posted the nutritional content of their menu (the link is no longer working these days). Minus the meat and toppings, the bun is already at 250+ calories! It’s understandable why many health-conscious ones find Five Guys one of the worst places to eat.

There’s also the mayonnaise, bacon, mushrooms, peppers, which make the burgers even more delectable. However, they also contribute to more weight gain, unfortunately. The fast-food restaurant is also rumored to put antibiotics in their meat, which adds weight to meat.

Worst foods to eat

Worst places to eat

Fries and chips

Fries and chips include heavily saturated fats that your body doesn’t need. They raise your harmful cholesterol levels that could eventually lead to severe illnesses like stroke and heart disease. 

Processed meats

Many studies suggest that there is a strong connection between different forms of cancer and processed meat. Some evidence shows that excessive intake of these triggers chronic diseases and mortality. 

Frozen meals

Frozen meals are usually high in sodium, so always check their label. There are also some fruits and frozen vegetables that include high-fat sauces and sugar. Awareness of serving size would make much of a difference here!

Doughnuts, pastries, cakes

It is fast and easy to indulge in doughnuts, pastries, and cakes, but you should only do that sparingly. These types of foods are high in calories and sugar. They will spike your blood sugar and insulin that would trigger even more unhealthy food cravings. 

White bread

White bread is not healthy because it contains additives and added sugar. When you consume more than the serving size, you are subjecting yourself to problems like obesity and diabetes.

Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks have empty calories, and they are not only carbonated beverages. They also include fruit juices that you initially label as healthy. Regardless, these have liquid sugar that can bring adverse effects to your well-being. 

Are fast-food restaurants only the worst places to eat?

What the worst places to eat tell you

Like mentioned earlier, fast food restaurants aren’t entirely wrong as long as you eat in moderation.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, age, gender, and lifestyle are factors to consider to know your calorie needs. 

When you go to these worst places to eat, you are tempting yourself to excess calories, resulting in obesity and weight gain. As you put in extra pounds, you are more likely to pressure your lungs and heart, which may develop over time. 

The choice you make in life has a direct implication on your health. From the food you eat to the lifestyle you live, all of these would significantly impact you. 

Cognitive Health and Wellness Institute want you to enjoy a quality life with the length of life. In this article, we hope you learn to make smarter food choices that would optimize the health of your body.


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