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Busy? Health podcasts are a great way to catch up on new fitness trends, workout routines, meals, and everything in between.

Are you just getting started in your health and wellness journey? Or reviving your meal plans after a hiatus? Or maybe still religiously at it? Health podcasts can be your perfect partner to fitness and good nutrition. 

In this article, Cognitive Health and Wellness Institute lists down the top health podcasts (and maybe more?) from your favorite streaming platforms. This could be a long one so let’s get started!

Best Spotify and Apple Podcasts on Health 

When the covid-19 pandemic hit, self-care became one of the most talked about trends. But, it’s not just a fad that goes away. One of the best things you can never go wrong investing in is your health. As they say, health is wealth. 

Hence, even if you’re stuck at home or preoccupied with a lot of things on your plate, keep moving and stay fit. You can tune in to a podcast episode or two whether you are cooking breakfast, answering emails, walking the dog, or running errands. 

Although merely listening to podcasts doesn’t necessarily wean off those calories, you can get inspiration and guidance from experts so you can live a full, satisfied, and healthy life.

Here are the first top health podcasts you can stream right now:

1. Optimal Health Daily

It’s difficult to scour the internet for fitness and health podcasts, right? The episodes are curated and posted with author permission in this podcast on the latest health topics. This is supplementary to the Optimal Living Daily podcast more focused on personal development and mindfulness.

This is your audioblog and blogcast for everything health and fitness. If you want to know more about intermittent fasting, vaccinations, weight loss, and health care, this one’s for you.

2. TED Health

Who doesn’t know about TEDTalks? TED is a global community from every culture and discipline providing a platform for big ideas in short time frames. TEDTalks Health, on the other hand, specifically focuses on health-related topics from TED events and conferences.

In these health podcasts, TED speakers answer questions you never knew you had. You can hear phenomenal ideas you won’t hear elsewhere centered on how you can live a healthy, balanced, and quality life. Some of the recent episodes talk about how humanity doubled life expectancy in a century, and the future of psychedelic medicines and healthcare.

3. Food Psych Podcast

Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN hosts this podcast to talk about people’s relationships with food, body size and image, eating disorder, exercise, etc. It’s a good listen because it challenges diet culture in various forms, which includes restrictive behaviors. 

Food Psych offers a safe space and support to its audience to avoid triggers and stigma on weight acceptance, for example. You can learn self-compassion and self-care from this registered dietitian and nutritionist along with her guests and their stories. 

There’s one episode on intuitive eating and how it manages chronic illnesses so you can break free from the wellness diet. If you have friends and family who are always conscious about their bodies, invite them to tune in, too. Together, you can binge-listen to appreciate body liberation as you slowly transition to a healthier lifestyle.

4. Party In My Plants

If you’re looking for more upbeat and hilarious health podcasts with episodes on moving and eating thoughtfully, Talia Pollock is your friend. She’s a writer and storyteller known for her wit and warmth in the show packed with topics on science, psychology, pop culture, health, and more.

Talia believes that you can both drink green juice and enjoy drinking cocktails! She adds that being healthy should also equate being happy so you don’t have to feel bad or sad on your journey to being fit.

Stress is the ultimate destroyer of health. So, if you aren’t happy and only forcing yourself to be and eat healthy, then that doesn’t cut it. In the episodes, you can find inspiration on how to feel, look, and live your best self with actionable advice. She even shares recipes that you can do at home to try tasty, plant-based dishes. 

5. Ultimate Health Podcast

Dr. Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman team up in this health podcast to teach and inspire listeners to reach your full potential. There’s some psychology and exploration of the mind and human existence in relation to health and wellness, too.

You can find in-depth conversations on lifestyle, nutrition, anxiety, chronic health conditions, and how to live a full and meaningful life. The topics are so diverse that even actor Matthew McConaughey guested and talked about affirmations, appreciating the moment, fatigue, and chasing your better self.

6. The Food Heaven Podcast

Best buds Wendy and Jess guest different experts from the health and nutrition industry to deep-dive on topics such as food culture and body acceptance. If you need guidance from registered dietitians themselves, this duo can make your podcast hang-out fun. Not to mention the insightful tips for sustainable, healthy living you can take home with you.

Here are a few episode titles, if you aren’t convinced yet:

  • How to navigate people who constantly use triggering diet talk
  • The science of why diets don’t work
  • How to find the best workout for your body
  • Why self-care is not the answer for burnout
  • The racial origins of fat phobia
  • The ups and downs of intuitive eating 

7. That’s So Maven

Here’s one of the health podcasts you can rely on a weekly basis, especially if you’re feeling alone with your fitness struggles. Because, see, you don’t have to do this alone. You can be intentional with your new lifestyle even as you face challenges along the way.

Davida Kugelmass’s interviews movers and shakers, a.k.a “mavens,” in health and wellness to do three (3) things: inspire, entertain, and comfort you. Some of the episodes you can start with are the following: 1) facing your fears and turning obstacles into growth, 2) learning to love your body as it changes, and 3) letting go of food rules and recovering from binge-eating. 

Health and Wellness Podcasts 2021

See, the list goes on because if you want to be more specific, there are health podcasts focused on nutrition and fitness, too. Cognitive Health and Wellness Institute adds extra podcast choices you can save and download on your device.

Nutrition Podcasts

8. Dr. Ruscio Radio

For updated information on health, functional medicine, and nutrition, Dr. Ruscio is that  geek doctor at your service. He can make very scientific details and concepts easy to understand for his listeners. If you want evidence on nutritional facts and a legit medical professional to bust myths on fitness fads, check this out.

Listen in for practice advice on how to get into a diet, taking the right medication when needed, understanding the science of sleep, etc. He also answers questions about training your body to exercise, fasting for your brain health, and managing moods and stress.

9. The Doctor’s Kitchen

If you want a show totally about food, lifestyle, and nutritional medicine, Dr. Rupy Aujla invites guests exploring these topics. Do you want to know what diet and lifestyle best fits you so you can achieve your healthiest self? Dr. Rupy’s got you!

This podcast also invites its audience to join the online community at its website. Here are some of its notable episodes:

  • Why South Asians are at worse risk
  • Wellness for entrepreneurs (3-part series)
  • Why we make bad food choices
  • The nutrition science series (3-part series)
  • Why community kitchens are essential
The Nutrition Diva

For quick and dirty tips for eating well and feeling fabulous, here’s a bonus podcast to help you upgrade your eating habits. Monica Reinagel is the author of a book with the same title (Nutrition Diva’s Secrets for a Healthy Diet).

If you find yourself stress-eating, overeating, or not enjoying your meals at all, this might be for you. You can learn cool stuff such as the cholesterol-fiber paradox, rules for snacking, glucose monitoring, and whether or not fitness trackers work. It’s totally up to you if you follow the recommendations or not but Monica does give sound advice and simple tips on how to live a healthy life. 

Best Fitness Podcasts for Men and Women

10. Ben Greenfield Fitness

Ben Greenfield, ultimate bio-hacker, is a New York Times bestselling author and fitness guru. He loves experimenting and learning about new things and talks about them in this podcast. Whatever health and wellness topics you can think of, he’s probably thought about and has done it. You can get free exercise, weight loss, and even triathlon advice from the man himself.

His impressive guest list includes other bloggers, podcasters, health experts, and filmmakers such as Donnie Yance, Sal Di Stefano, Darren Doane, Jay Shetty, etc. One of his most popular episodes was when he talked to Dr. Matthew Cook in BioReset Medical in California and discussed vaccinations at length.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

As another bonus, here’s another show that men and women alike enjoy. Oprah’s format is one of the few health podcasts that not only covers spirituality but also packed with health and wellness expert advice. The episodes are Oprah’s personally curated list of interviews with best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, and thought leaders to guide you through awakening.

If you want to get connected with your “super soul,” dig deeper within you as you listen to Oprah’s podcast. Expect to light up and discover your true self from hearing the interviews that are good for your health – mental, physical, and spiritual.

Other podcasts worth checking out

There are way too many podcasts out there and it’s really difficult to choose just the top 10. So, Cognitive Health and Wellness Institute adds these other podcasts you can listen to for whenever you need that extra push, knowledge boost, and motivation about health. 

Surely, you can find more online! It feels good to get this connection with other humans who face hardships and the same challenges as you do when it comes to fitness and health, right? Even if it’s through a phone or your laptop, health podcasts can give you that sense of community that you need to feel human. 

Use technology to your advantage. You wouldn’t want to stay glued to your couch all the time and not at least consume health-related content to motivate you to keep moving. Get in shape! Listen to these health podcasts and then start removing those headphones and actually stay active while you can.


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