Our health-promoting daily practices support your body’s natural ability to fight inflammation. In an effort to help you operate better, feel better, and think clearly, we have created a positive and encouraging platform for you and to help you transform and take your life and health back!

Our Process

Our process consists of a few simple steps:

  1. An in-home testing kit sent straight to you
  2. Laboratory results 
  3. The creation of personalized recipes and supplements specific to your own gut health
  4. Utilizing our guide as your food prescription to be sure the food is now your medicine. Its that simple. 

Our process, when you sign up, is simple and personalized for you:

  1. Sign up through the member portal to create your account, and gain access to your documents. 
  2. Testing kit: You will receive a testing kit in the mail, sent directly to your home.
  3. After you complete the test, you simply ship it back, at which time, you will be notified of your results via email and text.
  4. Log in to your member portal. The results will show you a full and comprehensive list of foods that are good for you, and foods that are not good for you. You can see a sample of the report right here:
  5. We then will code your results into our meal and supplement software at which time we will then provide your personalized recipes, meals, and supplements, all with the goal of improving your gut health and reducing your body’s inflammation. You will receive a personalized guide and journal to make it easy for you. 
  6. Every six months, you will be asked to retest. As your gut health changes over time, so will the types of food you should be consuming. 
  7. You are now on your path to health, happiness, longevity, and a life where your quality of life will meet your length of life!

In addition to our process, as a member, you will receive constant updates to your recipe guide. As we understand the types of foods you like, and don’t like, your guide will be updated. In addition, we are adding hundreds of new recipes weekly, and those that are a fit for you will be added accordingly. 

Thank you for joining the AliRx community! We are happy to be your partner on your health transformation. 

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