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The Kit Includes:
  • Viome Test Kit delivered right to your door
  • A copy of the The Cognitive Health and Wellness Institute: An Anti-Inflammatory Initiative
  • Personalized Dietary Guide for every day of the month
  • Recommended supplements

Your plan for Optimal Cognitive Health!

$499 + $49.99/month

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A copy of: An Anti-Inflammatory Initiative book

A health intelligence test kit

Your first months supply of Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics™

* Our personalized program will test for biological age, inflammatory scores, as well as prescribe your dietary do's and don't and superfoods that are perfect for you!

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When your test results are ready....

Results will be available right to your app

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Once you receive your personalized plan: each month we will send you the following items for your health journey

Personalized daily breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

Health intelligence test generated recipes which include only the ingredients that are beneficial for you.

Each monthly guide will remain in your online portal, for you to refer back to at any time.

* Each six months, included in your membership, we will retest your health, through our proprietary health intelligence test. The objective of the retest is to further your dietary needs and to see how things have been progressing. You will automatically get a new test kit in the mail every six months.

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