Our philosophies wouldn’t be complete without providing accurate testing and diagnostics that address a whole-body-wellness approach. It is important to start with a baseline before beginning any program so that it is easy to track your progress and evaluate any changes that may be needed along the way.

Some examples of our current diagnostics and testing include:

  • The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA): MoCA testing is a straightforward tool used in gauging an individual’s level of cognitive function, and can be used in detecting and diagnosis early stages of cognitive dysfunction.
    As with any illness, cognitive dysfunction is best treated with early detection. The test is quick to administer and easy to interpret. Our approaches aim to help with cognitive dysfunction anywhere from clearing “brain fog” to helping to reduce symptoms of more serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s and ALS.
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment: We use a non-invasive, full-body scanning kiosk to give us a full view of your health. These kiosks capture hundreds of body measurements to understand your overall wellness and engage you with a personalized action plan.
    These scans help our experts to gain knowledge on your body shape, alignment, and balance while empowering you with your wellness data. The belief is that your body should be viewed as one whole machine, instead of a collection of individual parts.
  • Microbiome testing (Gut Health): We offer a gut microbiome analysis to help you customize dietary choices specifically to you. The goal of this test is to reduce long term health risks through the methodology of food as medicine.
    • Your gut knows what it needs to be healthy – take the guesswork out of eating right with a science-based, at-home microbiome test.
    • This method identifies and quantifies the living microorganisms in your gut microbiome, analyze what these organisms are producing, and provide you with personalized nutrition recommendations that help you optimize your gut microbiome.
  • Food Sensitivity Testing: Food sensitivity is actually a symptom of gut imbalance. We partner with an at-home testing service to measure your body’s immune response to over 40 different foods.
  • Quality of Life: Quality of Life surveys are an important part of any health program. The surveys are a straightforward and non-invasive way to easily track how you are feeling at any given time during your health journey.
    We want to establish a baseline before beginning any program to track any variance and progress in areas such as physical pain, health satisfaction, memory and concentration, energy, sleep, mood, and personal relationships.
  • Individualized Laboratory Tests: Based on your current health and any predetermined conditions, we recommend customized laboratory testing to set baselines of you current health status. Regular blood testing is one of the easiest ways to keep track of your overall well-being by providing a current snapshot of internal processes your doctor isn’t able to detect by physical examination.
    Guidance from these tests allow us to track progress from your CBC, blood chemistries, inflammation, vitamin levels, thyroid levels, enzyme markers, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, among other things. These results are the starting line for helping us move you into better health.