What is the program?

  • A whole-body approach to wellness that uses nutrition, activity, stress management, sleep, and socialization to optimize health
  • A science-based program developed by medical professionals to reduce the inflammation associated with pain, discomfort, and disease
  • A road map to take charge of your health and well-being to pursue a good life

How does it work to reduce inflammation?

  • Your gut is one of your greatest defenses against the toxins in our world.  It needs good nutrition to function at its best. Eating more whole foods and less processed foods helps your gut absorb nutrients, keeps foreign materials out of our body, and supports a stronger immune system, keeping inflammation at bay.
  • Carbohydrate rich, high sugar diets can lead to insulin resistance where our body is not able to control its blood sugar levels as well.  Insulin resistance is associated with higher levels of inflammation.
  • Replacing carbohydrate rich foods like bread with energy dense foods like walnuts encourages your body to use fat as a fuel source instead of sugar.  When your body becomes efficient at using fat for fuel, you are more likely to produce compounds called ketones which have been shown to turn on anti-inflammatory processes in the body.

Why you need this program in your life?

  • Being able to alleviate pain and discomfort through your food and lifestyle choices can get you back to playing tennis, gardening, or simply feeling comfortable in your own clothes again.
  • Finding new friends and having the support of fellow residents following the same program can be life-altering, as well as making seemingly difficult tasks easy to do.
  • Thinking clearly and feeling well increases your confidence levels.  Your friends, family, and even your doctor will ask what changes you’ve been making to show so much improvement!