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Guidance for going out to eat – what to look for

Eating out should be enjoyable. But, if you’re not aware of what you eat and where to go, you could be eating more than you should.

Some people can easily get intimidated by the food served in restaurants. So, they either end up choosing unhealthy options or splurging on less nutritious ones. Even in fast-food restaurants, you’d think you’re limited only to fried foods or processed ones. There are healthier choices on the menu if you know where to look.

You don’t want to keep going to buffet restaurants and eat everything to your heart’s content. Those freebie bread or nuts while waiting for your food to be served? Skip that. 

Cognitive Health and Wellness Institute is the place where the quality of life meets the length of life. In this article, we hope to provide you with guidance on eating healthy when going out to eat at restaurants. 

What to order at a restaurant on a diet

what to order on a diet

Dining out is a great way to socialize. You don’t want to miss out on spending time with your friends and family because you’re afraid of breaking your diet. All you need is to be aware of what ingredients are on the menu.

Healthy choices are becoming more and more available for people eating out. Restaurants are more sensitive to people’s different needs now so they can cater to more people. They offer low-fat, low cholesterol, and high-fiber meals. 

It’s not wise to go to restaurants hungry; so, that’s the first tip. If there’s anything you should deprive of, alcoholic beverages are at the top of the list. Drink coffee without or less sugar, and skip the creamer.

So, you don’t need to strip yourself off of what you want to eat. Even when you’re on a diet, there’s something for you to enjoy. And no matter how repetitive this sounds already, eating out in moderation is key to maintaining a healthy diet.

 Tips for eating out healthy

eating out

Here are a few tips on what to order and where to go when dining out.

Plan ahead. Check the menu ahead of time, especially if they have it available online. Make a reservation. You don’t need to wait long. Ask for seats away from the kitchen where you can easily smell what the chefs are preparing. Go for low-calorie food. 

Manage portions. Small servings are crucial to eating out healthy. Some say eating more appetizers makes people eat fewer main entrees. Start with a broth-based soup that can make you feel full and avoid overeating. Have veggie-full plates if salads aren’t your thing.

Avoid salty food. Many restaurants tend to overload on sodium, especially for fried, buttered, or creamy dishes. If you’ve been on a diet for a long time, you should’ve known by now that sodium isn’t only in table salt. But if you can’t avoid eating out, scan the menu and stick to the fresher options. You can also tell the server that you need to limit your salt. 

Skip the soda. It’s good to hydrate right away at the start of your meal. It’s like you’re tricking your body to believe that you’ve already had enough before even taking your first bite. Traditionally, many Chinese drink hot tea or warm water before any meal. Many people believe that warm drink balances acidity that is essential for digestion.

Also, some people believe drinking warm water helps break down fatty food or prevent it from not breaking down quickly. That said, carbonated beverages aren’t a good choice for healthy eating.

Eat slowly. Enjoy the food. Chew the meat and savor every bit of it. That helps with digestion plus you can enjoy the company of your friends and family more. You can focus on your conversations rather than gulping down chunks of food in your mouth. Stop eating when you feel full already. You can take out food you cannot finish so you don’t feel pressured to clean your plate.

Healthy food when ordering out

eating out

The bottom line is you need to eat intentionally, Do not hurry when eating out. You’re eating to get your body’s fill of nutrition. It’s essential to have a good relationship with food to eat to live and not the other way around.

Drink a lot of water and try to avoid greasy plates. Appetizers are usually a great way to go because servings are smaller. That way, you can eat less. Also, it’s more economical if you’re on a budget. Eating out can be expensive at times. It’s okay to be selective with what you eat when going out. If you are particular with the ingredients when preparing your food at home, you can do the same dining out.

There shouldn’t be any off-limits kind of food if you think about it. It’s true what nutritionists say that when you eat less unhealthy foods over time, you help yourself avoid unnecessary cravings. You also develop a habit of enjoying healthier choices in the long run.

Supersize is overrated. Serving size is the new trend. However, according to Harvard Medical School, your daily goals are unique to you – your age and health considered, for example. Stick to what works for you and avoid following diet fads. Staying healthy, ultimately, is the reward.