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Top Wellness Retreats

Sleep, eat, work – repeat. That’s how our life cycle has been. But, have you ever been so caught up with errands that you want to breathe for a while and consider wellness retreats?

Self-care is as important as the relationships we have with other people.

Our routines can get exhausting, most especially when we’re working day and night. However, the great news is that we can always look forward to a break. Are you giving yourself one?

Whether you want to hibernate or escape from the busy lights and noises of the city, you deserve a recharge! Good thing, there are wellness retreats that you can escape to and meditate on!

In this article, we at Cognitive Health and Wellness Institute listed down our top wellness retreats. 

Best wellness retreats in the world

best wellness retreat

Don’t feel guilty taking a little bit of attention to your mental, emotional and physical wellness. Go ahead, pamper yourself. Consider going to some of the best wellness retreats, that is, when it’s safe and when the pandemic is over.

1. SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

Do you want an overlooking view of the Mediterranean sea and the Sierra Helada Mountains as your backdrop? SHA Wellness Clinic provides the seclusion and tranquility that you need.

You can enjoy 6,000 square meters of nature by yourself in this place. Go outdoor training, hiking, or running with qualified personal trainers, for instance. Hailed as one of the best European medical spas globally, SHA can tailor-fit programs for you from sleep recovery to fitness or detox, etc.

They also offer aesthetic dermatology, cognitive empowerment, capillary health, and revitalizing medicine. Retreats usually run between 4-28 days because they ultimately boil down to your area of focus and budget.

2. Inns of Aurora Wellness Retreats, New York, USA

You’d think New York is just all concrete buildings and subways, right? You’ll be surprised to know there’s a retreat place in the unspoiled Finger Lakes region, too.

If you need to be away from the busy city life, you can book a trip here for Ayurveda 101. Here, you can come as a solo traveler or with a couple of friends.

Inns of Aurora offers the Gift of Wellness program to improve your wellness journey with fitness consultations, massage therapy, etc. It’s the perfect place just outside the city to recharge, meditate with nature, or learn custom meals by executive chefs.

3. Le Sirenuse, Italy

In Positano, you can do a week-long detox and revive your health with the majestic view of the Amalfi coast. Experience healthy organic and vegan meals from Michelin-starred chefs and work out with certified personal trainers.

Le Sirenuse only accommodates two (2) retreats each year, in March and November. This schedule is intentional for guests to enjoy the peace of early spring and late fall. Here, you can go on guided treks, do exquisite yoga facing the mountains, and have nutritional assessments personalized for you.

4. Kamalaya Wellness Retreats, Koh Samui, Thailand

Kamalaya, a wellness sanctuary, and holistic spa retreat, combines healing traditions from the East and medical research from the West. This part of Thailand, a steep verdant hillside, has one of the best sunsets in Asia.

You can relax in between treatments with the beach just right in front of you. Rejuvenate your mind and align your body and spirit with nature in this place. Kamalaya believes in interconnected health aspects in life. Hence, they offer naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, life enhancement, among others.

If you’re still saving up for this wellness retreat trip, you can start by listening to the Kamalaya podcast here.

5. Amankora Wellness Retreats, Bhutan

If you love to wander on a mountain landscape, Bhutan is the destination made exactly for you! This country is where you can re-energize and rejuvenate, especially when you are on the brink of burnout after overloads of work. 

Enjoy the herb-based therapies and well-being rituals that you won’t see daily. All of these and more are available in Amankora’s five cedar-scented spas. 

The name Amankora is a combination of the word Sanskrit which means peace, and kora circular pilgrimage. Thus, this haven is a series of lodges where you can unwind and forget about the world – to relax, and have a good time!

6. La Reserve Wellness Retreats, Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland is an undeniably beautiful place. Besides the country’s ski resorts famously attracting tourists all year round, there’s a Swiss lakeside hotel where you can recharge.

You can choose from La Reserve’s 7-day better-aging program or a 4-day break with individualized coaching to help reduce stress. Go on a wellness retreat with spa treatments from medical specialists and nutrition experts, too.

Guests can enjoy frustration-free physical activities, preventive medicine recommendations, biological assessments, and lifestyle evaluation. You can also find guilt-free meals from Le Tse Fung, a Michelin chef, or Cafe Lauren.

7. Fivelements Wellness Retreats, Bali, Indonesia

Drown on the lush tropical grounds of Fivelements! This retreat place at Bali is an upscale and holistic wellness paradise that features large free-form pools, a spa, herbal remedies laboratory, and healthy restaurants that won’t ruin your health and fitness goals!

Fivelements is a welcoming getaway that is made of bamboo. It comes with spacious villas that are rustic and breezy enough to be your home for that short vacation. Despite its traditional feel, this place has iPod docks, and free WiFi so you can still enjoy technology while reconnecting to your roots. 

8. Aro Ha, Glenorchy, New Zealand

A transformative retreat place is what Aro Ha is. It is the overhaul reboot that you can trust. This place wouldn’t be a multi-award-winning retreat place for nothing! 

Aro Ha combines tradition and luxury and that translates to a fulfilling experience. You’re literally “in the presence of divine breath,” the translation of the words “Aro Ha” in Te Reo. 

You are invited to unwind and relax to gain clarity in the present. You can learn to balance community and solitude with Aro Ha’s carefully curated activities. 

The whole place exudes “mindful awareness” inviting you to immerse in nature and explore the trails in the Southern Alps. Watch and salute the sunrise, wake up to Tibetan bowl chimes, and elevate your body and mind.

9. The Little French Retreat, Uttarakhand, Himalayas

Almost always featured in many travel magazines, The Little French Retreat is a little piece of heaven in the Himalayas. This wellness retreat location supports people’s journey to health, wholeness, and peace.

For your soul renewal and body cleansing, what better way than to spend a few days here. The property founders believe that nutrition and environment play their part in people’s wellbeing.

Hence, they provide access to yoga, food, and amenities for guests to enjoy and later integrate into their daily lives.

With the picturesque Himalayas to see every day, how can you not feel grateful in your moments of reflection here?

10. Aman Shima, Japan

Are you adventurous enough to go bathing onsen-style? Here in Ise-Shima, you can feel the restorative power of Japan’s mineral-rich waters. Your general wellbeing can improve with the healing practices and therapies inspired by Japan’s nature in this magical place.

Amanemu’s wellness and fitness activities include thermal-spring therapy, wellness immersions, herbal healing, etc. The wellness retreat is also famous for its personalized spa journey and treatment programs for an overall transformative wellness experience.

We all need health and wellness retreats

Going to wellness retreats has a lot of benefits. You can achieve inner calm, a renewed sense of focus, and heightened senses of connection with yourself. You also become more mindful about your surroundings – both nature and the people in it.

If you need stress management, detox, recovery, and recuperation, think about going on a wellness retreat. You can never go wrong in taking care of your body – mind, soul, and spirit.

You only have one life to live. So, enjoy it!